venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

new season, new adventure

Ciao to everybody and welcome to my New Year's resolution, writing blogs. It seems fun and let boring moments go by faster..... aaaand it's soo 2010;).

So this season will be a new adventure for me since i am not riding rossignol anymore. Through this i want to say thank u once more especially to Damien and Mat Giraud and Massimo Ramella. I had a really good time al those years!!

This year Salomon Snowboards is hooking me up with boards, bindings and boots. It didn´t take me a lot to get used to my new equipment, i immediately had a super good feeling. Usually it takes me a bit to get used to new boards so i am even more happy about it!

Since i was late signing my contract i haven´t had a long pre season as i was used to the last couple years. So my white time of year started in december. It didn´t even feel that bad not riding on icy and shady glaciers in october and november. Since all the parks weren´t finish yet it i had hard times to get my skills back.

I have been riding with my buddy Daniel "Plazy" Neulichedl in Prato Nevoso for the Railway to Hell, i had a lot of fun riding rail, bonk the barrel and talking shit. Unfortunately the landing of the kicker was a bit flat so since i haven't been in a good shape i decided not to jump.

The day before chrismas i went to Brunico for the Kronplatz snowpark opening. Many friends where there to check f tech's shapping ablitity. Once more they proveded that they are one of italians best shapping crew. Nice job! Even our new snowboardcoach Max Stampfl was there to take some laps with us.

On the 28th of december i was visiting my Cmyk teammate in Val Aurina, Klausberg, Markus Eder. They had a nice kickerline where i finally could practice a bit. The day after we went to Mayrhofen to the Penken park together. They already had the pro line ready. Markus was kickin' asses with his double corks. It´s been nice to see good old friends there, Elias, Chris, Benny, Tom and many more..

Last but not least there was the Aaron Memorial in Alleghe. This comp, or better meeting to remember our friend Aaron is very important for me. He was a good friend to all of us, a lovely person, always laughing. Hope you´re having a good time Aaron, wherever u are. Set up was super fun again. Honestly i thought the main kicker wouldn´t work well, it seemed too poppy but everybody had a lot of fun, thx andrix and rezza! Congratulations to marco grigis who got the title.

Ok folks, it´s snowing outside, i´ve to go.

marco c.